We enjoy working together to tackle big questions in the field of eczema genetics

Prof. Sara Bown

Prof Sara Brown

Sara is a clinical academic dermatologist; she also loves baking cakes, gardening, or walking with a crazy Gordon setter

Dr Martina Elias

Dr Martina Elias

Martina is a postdoctoral research fellow and whiz in the lab; she is also a wild water swimmer and mum to the very gorgeous Luca

Mona Etorban

Ms Mona Etorban

Mona is our research technician; when not in the lab she loves walking and chatting with her friends, or playing classical guitar

Luke Johnston

Dr Luke Johnston

Luke is a postdoctoral research fellow with expertise in organoid models; outside work he enjoys the mountain bike trails around Scotland with his latest full suspension MTB


Ms Kim Morrison

Dr William Nicholson

William was a bioinformatician in the Brown Lab (2018-2020) contributing to a long-running analysis of deep sequencing data to make sense of the repetitive genes controlling epidermal differentiation

Ms Kim Morrison

Ms Kim Morrison

Kim obtained her Masters in the Brown Lab (2018-2020), working on the eczema candidate gene LRRC32 aka GARP


Sheila Wright

Mrs Sheila Wright

Sheila was our lab technician and queen of the organoid skin model (2014-2020). Best wishes in your retirement Sheila - we miss you!

Ms Nina Dawe

Ms Nina Dawe

Nina was our lab technician from August to December 2020; sadly the commute to Edinburgh was going to be just too far, so Nina now has a job as a school laboratory technican